A Simple Guide to Health Insurance Singapore

InsuranceLecturer — Being knowledgeable about health insurance Singapore is never a bad idea. This can help you a lot sooner or later if you are planning to be insured.

You can also help someone you know who wants to have an insurance plan by getting him informed.

Various Health insurance available in Singapore

Disability income

This insurance protects insured individuals from loss of income if they become temporarily or permanently disabled. This is also applicable if you can’t work because of a sickness or you suffer from an accident. With this, the insurance company will compensate you from a portion of your income.

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Hospital cash

A good thing about this health insurance Singapore is that the person will obtain a particular amount of money on a regular basis. This benefit applies if the insured person is hospitalized because of a certain illness or an accident.

Critical illness

With this insurance, the insurance company will provide a considerable amount of money if the insured person is diagnosed with a critical illness. This applies if the illness is stated on the terms and conditions of the insurance.

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Medical expense

This kind of insurance will help you to pay both inpatient and outpatient costs that you acquired during hospitalizations. This contract applies also if you suffer from a sickness or accident.

Having a health insurance Singapore is very important since it can serve as a great help if something unexpected happens. With this, we are assured that there is something we can rely on.