Cheap Car Insurance For Under 21’s

InsuranceLecturer — So just how do you go about getting cheap car insurance for the under 21’s? Well, it’s no different from going about getting insurance quotes for any other age group. The only issue with younger drivers is that they have no experience of driving, their no claims status is low and they probably have penalty points on their licence.

Younger drivers will never be able to get a cheap car insurance premium like an older and more experienced driver. They are categorised by the insurance companies as very high risk and the likelihood of them making a claim is very high, due to their lack of experience.

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They are really a liability and some car insurance companies will not even entertain giving some young drivers a quotation, because they see it as too much risk. Check out Cooperative car insurance for young drivers for a good deal.

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So if you do want a lower premium there are lots of things you can do to help your cause. You could consider taking out a third arty fire and theft motor insurance policy rather than the normal fully comprehensive policy.

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These policies are much cheaper but do not provide anywhere near the same cover. But is a good alternative that will save you a lot of money. Building up your no claims bonus is really important and you need to keep out of trouble for as long as you can.

Motorists who have more than four years no claims will get a pretty good discount. Also you need to keep a clean driving record. Many younger drivers in the first few years driving tend to be done for speeding offences and gain penalty points on your licence. Insurance companies will use this information to determine your likelihood of being involved in a accident and making a claim.

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A good way to lower the premium is to place someone else on the policy as a named driver like your parents. Including them on the policy if they have a good driving record could reduce the premium a little. For a younger driver aged under 21 you need to be as risk free as you can if you are going to reduce your premium.