Choose American Car Insurance Carefully

InsuranceLecturer — If you apply for American car insurance with some of the high street providers, you may be turned away. Some insurance providers fail to arrange protection for cars bought overseas, or they may persuade you to take normal car insurance. However, generally insurance for the standard vehicle is inadequate for your American model.

If you apply with a specialist insurer who offers insurance tailored specifically for American cars you should hopefully end up with a policy that covers everything you need.

For instance, when taking insurance for your American car you may need agreed values in with your policy. To take out agreed values for your vehicle you first have to have it valued. The insurance provider does this to find out the true value of your car.

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If the worst happens and the insurance provider writes off your vehicle you typically then get exactly what the car is worth. Without this, you may lose a lot of money if you have restored the vehicle and spent a great deal of money on original parts.

If you have spent a lot on shipping in original parts for your American car, you might want to ensure they are covered in the policy whilst you are restoring the car to its former glory. Restoration projects may take a great deal of time and during the time when your vehicle is laid up it needs adequate protection.

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Give some consideration to salvage rights in case your vehicle was to be written off by the insurance provider. If you have salvage rights, you may be able to get the wreckage of your vehicle back to use the parts again or sell them.

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If you want to be able to drive your American car in Europe, you need to find out if European insurance is included, or if you are able to add it onto the policy. This typically stops you from having to apply for insurance at each country that you pay a visit.

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Owners of American cars that have been restored or customised often enter shows or take part in rallies. If you intend doing so then may wish to ensure your provider offers you show and rally protection in with your American car insurance.