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the best value on car insurance

How to Get The Best Value On Car Insurance With The Fewest Quotes

InsuranceLecturer — Every other commercial on TV these days is another gimmick trying to get you to switch up your car insurance. Some even offer to compare the rates of their competitors for you.

If you are thinking that you may need to change or add to your current policy, you may be tempted to just go through the yellow pages and get as many quotes as possible. Stop! Don’t do it! Sit on that phone book and get out your lap top first.

Car insurance companies do a credit check every time they give you a quote. You can be assured that if they ask for your social security number, that’s what they’re doing.

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Multiple credit checks in a short period of time can have a detrimental effect on your score. You can, however, shop for quotes online without having them take a peek at your credit.

It’s important to do your homework if you’re trying to be financially responsible. Look at your budget and make some decisions about how much insurance coverage you need, how much of a deductible you can afford to pay, and how much you want to spend on premiums.

Gather up the information about your car and driving history and just spend a couple hours doing your homework. Visit websites, get some online quotes, and try to feel out what kind of price range your vehicle and needs. Once you know what to expect, then you can hit the phone book.

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Most people only need three to four real quotes from live insurance agents at this point. If you’ve already narrowed down the companies that you feel comfortable with and seem to offer what you’re looking for, then this last step is only to confirm that there aren’t any fees or upcharges you didn’t find online.

Another thing to consider is payment options. When you call for a quote, inquire about discounts for different ways to pay. If you can afford to pay in annual or semi-annual chunks, your premiums may be lower, and some companies offer additional discounts for automatic payments and online statements.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time talking to agents and secretaries to get the best value on car insurance. Do some leg work online, learn your options, and then just get three or four quotes from your favorite companies to confirm what you’ve already researched. One afternoon spent educating yourself is the real way to save hundreds on your car insurance.

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