The Benefits of Your Classic US Import Insurance

InsuranceLecturer — If you have imported a vehicle from the US then you obviously have taken great care in choosing the car from a specialist car dealer. Importing a vehicle into the UK is not cheap and neither is the car nor spare parts, so it is essential that once you get your vehicle into the UK you have the correct insurance.

Typical insurance companies may not be able to offer adequate cover for your car so you may wish to consider taking your classic US import insurance with a specialist insurance company.

Factors you may wish to consider when looking for import insurance.

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You may wish to check your insurance provider offers the following when looking for US import insurance:

  • the policy cover’s left hand drive cars;
  • the policy covers cars that have been modified;
  • cars with Q plates are covered in the policy.

Your vehicle may already be customised or modified, or you may wish to do this yourself and if so, this may add extreme value onto the car. To ensure that in the event your car is damaged beyond repair or written off you may wish to check the provider offers agreed values.

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When you have agreed values the insurance provider considers all the extras on your car, to account for these, they value your vehicle. If a claim has to be made on your insurance due to theft or destruction, you typically receive back the true value of the vehicle.

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Depending on how you plan to use your vehicle in the UK, all depends on what other benefits you may need in your insurance. If you only use your vehicle for a limited amount of time throughout the year, you may be able to apply for limited mileage cover. Limited mileage insurance typically helps you to save on the cost of your insurance, providing you stick under the mileage allowance offered by the provider.

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Making savings on insurance

Insurance providers may offer discounts for certain things so you may wish to check that your provider considers the following:

  • being a member of an owner’s club;
  • if you have taken extra security precautions;
  • the experience you have;
  • if you agree to doing limited mileage under your classic US import insurance cover.