Sunday , December 3 2023
instant issue life insurance

What The Heck is Instant Issue Life Insurance Anyway?

InsuranceLecturer — If you are in need of life insurance and you need it right this instant – you need to stop procrastinating and order an Instant Issue Life Insurance Policy.

When signing up for an insurance policy, most of the time, wether it is whole or term life insurance, you normally have to fill out a lot of paperwork, get yourself a medical checkup and then proceed to more forms and approval documents.

Thanks, largely, to the internet and the smart marketing of insurance companies, those days of waiting around a long time before your policy goes into effect are over.

Its now replaced by something more practical and faster than any and everyone before. This is known as instant issue life insurance and it is the biggest breakthrough in the insurance market (life) since inventing variants to whole life insurance.

While you are able to buy instant life insurance for both whole and term, you’d probably be better of purchasing the term one. Needless to say, whole life insurance last, well, your whole entire life, so there really is no need to quickly sign up for it.

But with term life insurance, you want to squeeze out every possible minute you can out of your policy, in case something were to happen to you during the filling out paperwork period.

Instant issue life insurance covers all the bases of the regular insurance policy while giving you, the buyer, some added bonus. Most of the signing up forms are quick and easy and take, on average, between 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

The beauty of it all is that once you’re done, the policy goes into effect immediately. From the moment you submit your form, you are covered.

Terms of instant life insurance can be purchased in five to twenty years range, and depending on which one you choose will determine the price you pay for your premiums.

So for those who want to be able to maximize their term life insurance coverage and don’t have much time to play with- it may be smart to look into instant issue life insurance.

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