Sunday , December 3 2023
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Why Millions Of Americans Have No Health Insurance?

InsuranceLecturer — It’s been estimated that there are over 45 million Americans, at the present time, without health insurance. Are you one of those people? There are numerous reasons why people don’t buy health insurance.

The cost, obviously, is the number one reason. But, actually, the cost could be a lot worst to you and your family if you don’t have insurance and come down with some major illness.

Another major reason why people don’t buy health insurance is due to a change in companies and having pre-existing condition. Many a times a new company will choose not to insure someone that has been diagnosed with a disease or chronic condition.

Those people are considered high use risk to the company. Truth is, even though companies want you to buy health insurance does not mean they necessarily want you to use it.

In the U.S, there are many alternative programs that offer plans to those that have been denied health insurance due to issues with a pre-existing condition. That is not something to overlook when you are in the market for buying health insurance.

There are plenty of companies and many options when buying health insurance. A lot of the major companies offer free online quotes. And many of them offer comparisons for various plans within the company and the price to similar plans of their competitors. The comparisons look at the type of deductible you are willing to pay as well as co-pays.

A major flux in price from one plan to the next is wether or not prescription meds are covered. Prescription coverage may not be so necessary if your or your family are not prescribed daily meds.

The elderly have medicare options to cover this area, so it’s not as much of an important issue for them when buying supplemental health insurance to pick up where medicare ends.

If you decide to have a price quote done, it’s important to fill out what state you reside in cause you could only buy health insurance from providers from the state you live in. There’s a bill trying to amend this policy, but not much support for it.

The fact that many millions of Americans are without health insurance is costing tax payers millions of dollars per year. Families need be protected, so if you can, buy health insurance.

If everyone would buy health insurance the overall costs will decrease cause those with health insurance will not have to pay higher cost for premiums to make up for those that do not have it.

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