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Choosing your US Import Insurance

InsuranceLecturer — If you are buying and importing a vehicle from the USA, you usually go with a reliable and specialist dealer for your car to ensure the import goes smoothly.

The same applies when choosing your US import insurance; you need someone who understands what you need from your cover. Choose the wrong policy and have inadequate coverage for your car, and you may be in for a very nasty shock in the event of making a claim.

Left hand drive

Cars from the USA have a left hand drive so when looking for insurance you need to ensure that the policy covers left hand drive vehicles. If the insurance is specifically tailored for American cars then it typically covers left hand drive. However, it does not hurt to check with the provider.

Spare parts and restoration

Spare parts for your vehicle may cost a great deal of money, and if you are modifying your car, you may have to ship them in from a specialist dealer from the USA. You may wish to check if the insurance policy covers spare parts and restoration projects whilst your car is laid up and off the road.

Adding value onto your car

If you choose to modify or restore your car, you may be adding a great deal of value onto the vehicle. Most likely, it ends up being worth a lot more than you originally paid for it. If you do plan on adding value to your vehicle you may wish to ensure the provider offers you agreed values.

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Agreed values ensure you typically get back what the car is worth when restoration is completed if you need to claim due to theft of the vehicle, or if it is written-off by the insurance company.

Making savings on your policy

Whilst you do need a specialist type of car insurance, there are ways that you may be able to keep the insurance premiums down. Ensuring you have installed quality security devices on your vehicle may help you to save on your premiums.

A car alarm, tracking device or an immobiliser may help you to prevent theft and lower your premiums. Parking your vehicle in a garage that is securely locked may also help you to lower your US import insurance premiums.

If your vehicle is garaged it typically lessens the chance of it being stolen or damaged on the roadside by passing vehicles or thieves.

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