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Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance After a Drink Driving Conviction

InsuranceLecturer — If you have been convicted for drink driving and are look for a cheap car insurance quote, then I’m afraid you are going to struggle. Many of the top motor insurance providers will not even give them a quotation, and if they do it will be very expensive.

Insurers consider motorists who have been done for drink driving to be a huge liability and don’t really want their business, so they tend to issue them with a massive premium. However, there are a few specialist car insurance companies that do specialise in this type of driver and can help.

Being a convicted drunk driver is not the end of the world and when your ban is over you need to use your vehicle as transportation, so you need a motor insurance policy.

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You could opt for a third party, fire and theft policy? Rather than opting for a fully comprehensive plan, you could go for the third party, fire and theft option. It’s true that the coverage is no near the same as the comprehensive one, but is a lot cheaper.

As a convicted drink driver you need to start building your profile as a driver back up, and this will take time. But you need to keep a clean driving licence from now on for the next three years or so. You need to gain back the trust from the insurer as they see you as high risk.

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You could pay out more money in the case of a claim. Increasing your excess when obtaining a quote could lower your premium and save you some money. Just make sure that you can afford to payout the agreed sum of money if you ever do need to make a claim.

Always compare car insurance quotes from as many different insurers, so you can get a good understanding for who has the cheapest policy.

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