Young Drivers Motor Insurance – Buying Tips

InsuranceLecturer — Young drivers today need all the help they can get when it comes to buying motor insurance online. That’s why they will find these buying tips useful for getting them a cheap car insurance quote.

They can potentially reduce their premium if their driving record is good and they have not been involved in a car accident in the last few years. Young drivers will never achieve the same saving as some other age categories for car insurance drivers.

Simply because they do not have the no claims status that other drivers posses. You see vehicle insurance companies use a motorist no claims bonus as one of their main attributes for calculating a motorists premium.

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The longer period you have been claim free, the bigger the discount you can achieve from the insurer. Younger drivers should consider looking at a third party, fire and theft policy, instead of the expensive comprehensive policy.

It does not have anywhere near the same amount of coverage, but is much cheaper and can still insurer you against third parties. Get a quotation from Direct Line car insurance and Tesco car insurance for a low cost deal.

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You could move the amount of money you are willing to pay in the event of a claim up t a higher value. Increasing the excess on your motor insurance policy will cause the premium to drop. In some extreme cases it can reduce to around 20 percent.

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Don’t be tempted when you’re a young driver to put new modifications on your car, it will only drive the premium up even more. Enhancing the performance of your engine to make the car go fast is a big mistake. Even adding new alloy wheels is seen as a modification to your car, states the insurer.

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Think about adding a named driver onto your policy like one of your parents. If they have a good no claims record, it could bring the premium price down a little.